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Adventure, Fantasy

Reincarnated as a mana core (Volume 1)

By Otjag

1042 0 0 3920

Through a series of mundane and unnecessary large events, a young man finds himself reborn as a mana core , that is both male and female. His or her nature lead to the birth of her own daughter. Now, together with her daughter, she discovers the laws of a...

Dominion of Darkness

By deleyna

89803 2 0 88502

In a land where Light and Shadow are bastions of power, the Draska are healers and magicians of the Light. Elainya and her beloved Drenil serve in the court of King Cydril. But Cydril covets Elainya for his own. When the king threatens Drenil’s life, a mysterious...

Sermon of the Dykairos

By TheTrashman_20

20157 1 0 3337

Detailing of the centuries of the Rasenna and the preceding Dykairos or "Hard Times" the world has endured, a work by Master Jorunon of the School of the Arnzium Clerics.

The Scape

By DomDrake

23257 0 0 8793

*Work in Progress* They say books can take you to other worlds, only limited by your imagination. Who doesn't like that, who doesn't want to take part in an adventure filled with monsters and fighting. Kateb loves books, they love it less when they get kidnapped...

The Warmage

By Windblossom

9907 0 0 0

Politics and Gods clash in a world where magic is given to those who swear their lives to serve the diety whose power they seek. But where great power is available to all, the Gods have begun to die and new alliances are formed to salvage what power they can....

Deus Irae: Falling Night

By greentop

41920 0 0 35915

Gods walk amongst us, just like they always have. Be it in fields, factories, or on the battlefield, their domains have helped the modern world take shape in a way that no one could have predicted. Governments, kingdoms, and empires all keep their own pantheons...

Flower of the Sea Tree

By StalwartLight

1177 0 0 3234

Aiselle was never any good at magic. She could barely perform a basic woodsong, and yet her mother expected her to take over the family business in due time. Aiselle never dreamed of leaving home. She never once considered why her skin was covered in sores...