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Fantasy, Adventure

Dominion of Darkness

By deleyna

78738 2 0 88502

In a land where Light and Shadow are bastions of power, the Draska are healers and magicians of the Light. Elainya and her beloved Drenil serve in the court of King Cydril. But Cydril covets Elainya for his own. When the king threatens Drenil’s life, a mysterious...

Touch of Destiny

By lyneaky2

138048 36 0 70186

A bond sparked by chance, nurtured by patience, and threatened by Fate. Friends become lovers in this YA fantasy tale. Ashlyn, a young Sorceress, is destined to become a monarch. Damien, a former prisoner, is much more of a mystery than anyone would like....

02-Les démons qui nous hantent

By alia__

43186 0 0 15832

Anasteria et ses amis entre enfin en deuxième année pour apprendre à devenir chevaliers-mages. Mais leur premier cours pratique ne va pas être de tout repos.

In The Line, On The Edge

By Kiyomo

3802 0 0 58854

Seko, Cria, and the crew of the Pasongunan return to a new world of political discourse and dangers lurking around every false smile. Crias mother, the queen, finds herself being surrounded by enemies at all fronts and needs all the support she can muster,...