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The World Anvil Changelog

Brought to you by Dimitris, the founder and Chief Grease Monkey of World Anvil

Hello everyone! This page is meant to be a list of the most important development updates. If you have any questions about changes that were made, or you'd like to give me your opinion, please feel free to reach out on our Discord Server at the #development-feedback.

April 12, 2024


The time has finally come. "Disable Autosave" is no longer an option. the 98 users that did have autosave disabled are now switched to autosave as well.

This feature has caused myriads of bugs, made development slower and caused edge cases that the team had to work to fix taking precious time from fixing and upgrading features for 2,750,000 users (minus the mighty 98)

April 11, 2024


I am happy to announce that Manuscripts now WORK on Android Mobile Devices as well

April 9, 2024

[MAJOR FEATURE] Prodromos v.1.1 Release

The new version of the New UI is up! And with it we have a bunch of UI/UX Upgrades to the basic features AND some new QoL updates!

  • Most (not all) list of things now load on the same page - No reloads!
  • A brand new TODO list that works like a charm!
  • Note Creation update! Create a note faster than ever!
  • A fresh out of the over Notifications system !
  • A fast and easy between Worlds / Campaigns / Characters with SEARCh (for those with 9123123 worlds .. we see you!)
  • New Search! Faster easier better AND
  • Continue Working for articles, maps, timelines as part of the Search (USE THE Ctrl+K LUKE!)
  • Better Help on the lists and easier access to Help resources!
  • A lot of tuning on features to make them easier to use
    • The team is working already on version 1.2 which will bring you even more amazing goodies! STAY TUNED Thsi years is going to be
      Legend... wait for it ... wait for it (the ary is coming later)

April 5, 2024

[UPGRADE] Content tree descriptions in List mode now render BBcode

March 20, 2024

[UPGRADE] The [color] tag is now available to everyone! Also it now allows for both font and background colour. The colours need to be HEX colors and can include transparency. It works with or without hash, so if you had previous tags with a hash it will still work <3

[color:ff00ff77]This is Pink[/color]
[color:000|ffff00]This is a black on Yello Highlight[/color]
[color:000|ff00ff77]This is a black on Pink Transparent Highlight[/color]

[UPDATE] Order- A-Z now simply resets the position of all articles of the category.

as requested here:

February 29, 2024

[MAJOR FEATURE RELEASE] Maps Redesign (Maps v.1.5)

Faster, easier and friendier creation for
- Marker Pins
- Labels
- Circles
- Polygons
- Lines
- Layers
- Marker Groups

You no longer have to refresh after creation of elements
Color pickers for the systems that need it
Smaller simpler forms
Lighter UI with more space dedicated to the map

Learn more about the release Learn how to use them

February 23, 2024

[FEATURE] New BBcode "KoFi" so you can link to your KoFi account. e.g [kofi:dimitris], Dimitris being your World Anvil username (or anyone else's.

[UPGRADE]] The Manuscript Part links now are upgraded and can look like the Manuscript cover! Just add |block at the end like so: [manuscriptpart:33b906a7-5cc1-4bbf-902e-5f5abf5ea36b|block]

February 22, 2024

[UPGRADE] BBcode on Timelines!
Timelines and event descriptions on the new Timelines can now have BBcode. Specifically, the following BBcode is available: p, br, hr, h1, h2, h3, h4, b, i, u, s, small, sup, sub, strike, table, th, td, tr, ul, ol, li, in. Also img, url and Article Links.

[FEATURE]] Timeline Default Background
You can not set a background image for your timeline. This image will be displayed behind all events, unless you override it with an ERA background or color.

[FEATURE]] Set Event Timelines
You can now quick set in which timelines an even will be present by simply editing the event (from the sidebar) on any of the timelines it already exists.

February 19, 2024

[BUGFIX] Fixes on the Diceroller and Character "In-session" Screen

February 8, 2024

[MAJOR FEATURE RELEASE] Timelines v.2.0 - Horae

Learn more about the release Learn how to use them

February 7, 2024

[UPGRADE] No more white horrible looking map backgrounds! You can now set the background image of your maps.
To se, go to: Edit Map > Map Settings > Basic (Near the bottom)
Available to Master Guild members and above.

January 28, 2024

[MINOR UPDATE] Moved "Delete World" panel and button under the "Open Tools & Advanced Actions" in the World Configuration page

[MINOR UPDATE] Removed ?preview=1 from view links

January 26, 2024

[BUGFIX] Fix for genre and tag labels for Marianna Trench Theme

[BUGFIX] Fix for issue related with 504 erros when searching in the GM Screen (DSTS).

January 25, 2024

[BUGFIX] Several fixes on the new UI related to the recent release.

[UPGRADE] New UI Image Uploader: Ability to only copy the ID of an image

.... Also added Sparky the Udan on the search if no results are found.

January 24, 2024

[UPGRADE] New search now does a FULL SEARCH on Secrets. (As suggeted by the community here

[UPDATE] Cover and Avatar images can now be up to 2.5mb

[MINOR UPDATE] The removed from Artemis "World Scrapbook", if it had any content, can be located under:
World Configuration > Open Tools & Advanced Actions (right hand side) > WORLD SCRAPBOOK (LEGACY)

January 23, 2024

[ALCHEMIST RELEASE] Alchemist release of Project: Horae

January 22, 2024

[FEATURE] New User Interface. A complete rehaul of the sidebar, top bar and quick access buttons. Stronger Mobile support and faster navigation!

Note: This is just the 1st of 3 drops related to the main World Anvil Interface - WATCH THIS SPACE!

Fill the Survey, Let us know what you think

[UPDATE] After 7 glorious years World Anvil is returning to a Dark Theme as the default theme. Marianna Trench (Dark Slate) is no World Anvil's Default theme

[UPDATE] The Manuscripts Label default colours have been switched to a darker version to match the default theme.

January 19, 2024

[FEATURE] New Prompt in Character/Person template "Representation & Legacy"

As requested: by Willow H.R. Harper and the rest of the community.

[FEATURE] Added BlueSky as an option for your social media profiles

January 12, 2024

[FEATURE] Ability to set an article as COPYABLE. The following will be copied from the original article to the newly created (within your currently active world)

  • Title
  • Icon
  • Excerpt
  • Vignette (Main Content)
  • Sidebar Sections (all 4 of them)
  • Footer Sections (Fullfooter / Footnotes
  • Attached RPG Block
  • CSS Class and Styles

Now you can create beautiful articles and **allow other to copy those articles** to THEIR worlds. (as a side effect *you can also copy your own articles*)

Articles are by default non-duplicable (is that a thing?!). But you can set them to be in the Article Edit screen under preferences. Once you do the "DUPLICATE ARTICLE" button will appear at the footer of your article's presentation.

Read the Documentation

January 10, 2024

[UPDATE] Removed toaster notification appearing on the top right, when deleting a notification

January 5, 2024

[UPDATE] The DSTS (Digital Storyteller Screen) now has a dark mode!

January 4, 2024

[UPDATE] New Location for the wordcount and last save information. Once an article is autosaved the last time it was saved and the wordcount will be displayed more prominently on the sidebar of the article. Possible errors with saving will also be shown there.

Check out Related community suggestion

January 2, 2024

Happy new Year everyone! I hope the new year will bring you some amazing worldbuilding successes and new friends to help you and celebrate them with!
If you haven't already...

please fill the Forge the Future 2023 survey

it will help us make World Anvil even better for you!

[FEATURE TRICKLEDOWN] Masters now have the same Ads rules as Grandmasters ... NO MORE Ads for your world visitors for all masters!

[UPGRADE] The "Global article introduction" block contents (that you can set under World Configuration > Display > Global Content), now also appears under the title block of the category pages.

December 15, 2023

[UPGRADE] Articles under categories will continue to be ordered by the order/weight value, BUT if no order/weight is set the articles are ordered ALPHABETICALLY.