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The Northern wastelands have a much longer cold season than the more temperate south. High mountains separate them from the rest of the Western Continent, leaving them isolated and only marginally under the King's rule.

The seat of power in Pelage is Craigton, a fortified city on the northwestern edge of the area. While the Lord of Pelage lives in the castle and controls the Western entrances to Pelage, his control over the region is minimal and there are few laws that are considered universal or enforceable in the region.

Residents of Pelage are hardy people, independent and self-sufficient.

Those seeking escape from their past, often atempt to migrate to Pelage. Those who arrive and survive their first winter in the region are considered the same as natives and accepted by those already there as additional resources and welcome neighbors.

Aside from Craigton, there are only 3 other settlements - if they could be termed that - in the region:

  • Beast's Abode

    This village of farmers survives by raising animals that are capable of surviving by grazing on the limited grasses of the wasted plains. During the long winter months, they turn their beasts out to forage among the snowy landscape, where they pick clean anything hardy enough to grow. These animals have developed an ability to store up fat from the brief growing season and utilize every calorie available to them.

  • Soul's Rest

    Almost a city, this community on the Eastern side of the region is one of the few that has semi-regular contact with the south.

    Travelers looking to leave Pelage will gather in Soul's Rest to find passage aboard boats that can carry them around the Northern peninsula. A few will form trail trains, attempting to cross the trecherous Eastern pass into the region near Dayspring Castle. Many of these trains disappear without trace.

  • Solitude

    Considered the ultimate retreat for those seeking isolation, this tiny island off the Northern coast of Pelage is surprisingly self-sufficient. Little is known of its people as few leave. The island is accessible by foot during extremely low tides, approximately once every three tendays. Otherwise, the island can only be reached by boat and the tide races in this area are extreme and unpredictable.

    Solitude has become almost mythological and stories abound about who or what might live there.

    Those who have seen the land say that it is surprisingly green, perhaps warmed by some form of unseen volcanic activity. Many believe this land to be exceedingly blessed by the Light, too pure for the likes of mortals.

Map of Aubadeon's Western Continent

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Aug 5, 2023 23:28

Wonderfully remote region descriptions with curious settlements. The isolation from surroundings is well played. Now I'm going to look at other articles to see about what hazards and creatures might exist.

Aug 6, 2023 18:18 by Deleyna Marr

Thanks for exploring this underdeveloped world! I appreciate the comments! In the first book, this region was just referred to in an off-hand manner, with a character saying they'd come from here, and that being part of the mystery of the character - did he REALLY go there and come back? Because it is so remote, it seems unlikely.

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