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Kingstown is the seat of power for the western continent, all of which has traditionally been under the King's control.

The town is built into a narrow valley in a mountain pass with one side of the city being built into the side of Sun's Font, the highest mountain on the continent. The castle is built into the side of the mountain with supporting structures actually extending back into a network of caves.

The exposed portion of the castle includes the primary living quarters for the King and some of the nobles, as well as the Chapel of Light, the most elaborately formed chapel in the kingdom which brings in tourism from the devout around the land.

The area around the castle is home to minor nobles, guild halls, and areas of extended learning.

Along the walls are the quarters for the King's protectors, keeping the army in constant readiness in case of attack.


High walls, heavily armed soldiers

Industry & Trade

As the heart of the kingdom with the guild halls in place, Kingstown boasts access to products from all over the land. In good weather, there are weekly Marketday celebrations when artisans and farmers come from all over to share their art and produce. Situated near the center of the continent, while it can be difficult to get to, good roads lead to almost all areas of the country, making this a hub of commerce and learning.


Aside from the castle where the King and the court live, and the soldier's quarters where they are housed, Kingstown boasts a financial district, shopping district, noble halls, the university and Reflect housing associated with the Chapel, and guild halls.

Points of interest

The castle is beautiful and adjoins the Chapel of the Light, the most stunning chapel in the kingdom.


stone buildings


built into a mountain pass, a difficult to get to area


Kingstown enjoys four distinct seasons with Winter being the only one where travel in the area is somewhat restricted. It isn't as cold as on the other side of the mountain range.

Large town
Included Locations

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