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Light Blessed Cats

Psionic cats are attracted to Draska as companion animals. Smaller than their more violent ancestors, Spirit Eaters they are still fierce hunters. While they may appear cute and cuddly to their human companions, they become fierce when faced with potential prey: birds, mice, bunnies, or bugs. Because they are attuned to psychic patterns, they often react to things that the average human can not see, attacking shadows on the wall.

Because of this predilection to attack shadows combined with their affinity to Draska, they have become symbols of the Light, and are assumed to have the blessing of the Light on their fur.

Give one a place in direct sunlight, and you will quickly see how they have acquired their names.

Eye and fur colors vary widely based upon genetics. They bond closely to their human bondmates, but are polyamorous among others of their own species. Therefore any litter of kittens will usually contain the offspring of at least 2-4 different fathers, producing a range of kittens that vary greatly in coloring. While they prefer to bond with other blessed cats, they have been known to mate with mundane cats on occasion, leaving the psionic potential of any kitten unknown until it reaches the juvenile stage.

Basic Information


Light blessed cats resemble average pet cats and can be mistaken for these mundane pets.


They have a deep understanding of human psychology and enjoy playing tricks. While they will respect their bondmate's wishes, they will play tricks on other humans in their vicinity. If they meet someone they do not like, it is not outside of the norm for them to insert visions and trouble into the mind of the human in order to protect or amuse their bondmate.

Additional Information


Generally considered domesticated, it has been suggested that they have tamed humans rather than the other way around

Average Intelligence

high intelligence with a predilection for mischief

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

These cats have powerful psychic abilities and can form strong bonds with humans. In some cases, they can even learn to form words approaching human language. They have strong affinity to the Light, and can often determine the alignment of humans that come into their sphere of influence. Bonding with Draska, they have been known to tap into their bondmate's abilities. For example: a healer's cat will have limited healing ability in its paws.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
15 years
Average Height
9-10 inches tall
Average Weight
5-10 pounds
Average Length
9-15 inches as adults

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