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Explosion of the Dragon's Mount

The Dragon's Mount is a super volcano that dominates the Eastern continent. The Eastern continent was formed by volcanic activity, but the power released over time was contained. As the power of the Dragon, also known as the Shadow Lord, increased in the East, the conflict between Light and Shadow also grew until they could no longer coexist.


As the battle raged between the two, the volcano became more and more active. During the final battle, there was a mighty explosion that belched smoke and ash into the sky. This destructive cloud was localized by the Light, leaving the East in perpetual darkness. In this event, the entire continent was given to the Shadow while Light claimed the remainder of Aubadeon for itself.


The volcano continues to belch ash, with it slowly raining down on the Eastern Continent, covering all within it in smothering, poisoning ash. Those who live in this area have acclimated to the increased heat, darkness, and the heavy smoke in the air. They have carved out cities under the ground and have built a thriving civilization very different from that on the Western Continent.


Polutants and darkness have triggered mutations such that many no longer appear human. Combined with the genetic experimentation and forced mutation of the Shadow Lord, those who live in the East are unrecognizable as related to those from the West, even though it is believed that all life originated in the East.


Were it not for the intervention of the Light, all life on Aubadeon would have been destroyed in this cataclysmic event. The smoke and curtain of cloud that surrounds the Eastern Continent continue until this day, clearly marking the boundary between the lands of Light and Shadow.


This barrier does not contain the creatures who live within this region. They occasionally leave and harass their Western brethren.


Associated Chronicle:

History of Aubadeon
Metaphysical, Supernatural


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Aug 9, 2023 04:06 by George Sanders

The mutations are a good twist/extra detail. I didn't expect that.

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Thanks! This plays into the backstory of the first book...

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