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Water from the Light's Spring

The water that flows from the Light's Spring in Aurora is a source of power for the Draska. It bubbles up from a hole in a rock, flows down, and forms a pool close to the settlement. Water overflows from the pool and joins with the River Gleam, flowing from there to the ocean.

Draska who have never drunk of the water still have magical abilities and gifts, but they are much weaker than those who regularly drink the water.

The pool is wide, deep, and clear, surrounded by stone. If it were only a source of fresh water, it would still be seen as critical for the settlement of Aurora as it provides for all of their drinking needs. As the water flows out into the stream, there is ample space for washing clothing and giving water to their animals. Having such an abundant source of fresh water close at hand has always made life in this rural settlement easier.

After a Draska drinks the water for the first time, they begin to feel their powers increase. They report that the colors of the world become brighter, smells stronger, and any sensation more intense. As they next attempt their training, they'll discover that their magical flow has become as easy and as natural as the lifestyle they have chosen to build in Aurora.

The Draska are a simple people, given to simple pleasures of love and life, honoring and serving the Light.

It is only when they turn towards the Shadows that they may find their native flow fighting their desires.


Material Characteristics

From all appearances, the water from the Light's Spring is the same as any other water. While it is exceptionally pure and sweet tasting, there is nothing that would differentiate it from any other freshwater source.

Geology & Geography

While many have sought to find a replacement for the water from the Light's Spring, only this one spring seems to impart the abilities so prized in the Draska.

Origin & Source

It is found in its purest form only at the Light's Spring.

Life & Expiration

If bottled at the source, the water can be transported anywhere and will retain its power indefinitely. When diluted, such as what happens in the River Gleam, it retains some of its power, but weakens dramatically the more diluted it becomes.

History & Usage


The Draska officially discovered the water when they moved to the Western continent. Drinking from the River Gleam, they felt subtle changes in their abilities. Their healers recognized that the water was the source and searched out the spring in order to locate the purest source.
Most would say it is odorless, but the more sensitive report a light floral scent
Pure and slightly sweet
Common State
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