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Anyone can choose to reflect the Light, but only the Light chooses a Reflect.
— Adage of the Reflections

Reflect is a religious title, representing a person's calling and acceptance of service to the Light. All of those who have joined the Reflections of the Light are referred to as reflects and are considered equal.

The Bright Reflect is the leader of the religious order, who serves as the minister in Kingstown and as a direct advisor to the King. The Bright Reflect also guides the educational center in Kingstown.


a willingness to serve and the Light's acceptance


Anyone from any background may aspire to be a reflect. It helps if you like people and aren't afraid of candles.


All candidates are presented to the Light in a special ceremony, but only the ones chosen are given the title. Others may remain as candidates for the future and serve as assistants or pursue other paths in life.


  1. Meditate - listen to the Light in all things
  2. Mediate - resolve conflicts with the Light's guidance
  3. Make Known - deliver messages from the Light and teach


maintaining the chapels, aiding the poor and those in need


Food and basic needs of the reflects are provided by the community that they serve, given as gifts to the chapel the reflect is associated with.

Accoutrements & Equipment

No one would choose to be a reflect for the clothing. Everything about them is plain: plain robes, simple lives.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

As they are appointed by the Light, only the Light can remove them. However, if it becomes known that they have violated their responsibilities, they may be put into positions that require less.
Religious, Special
Form of Address
Source of Authority
the Light
Length of Term
Related Organizations
As a child, I knew that I would become a Reflect. I was drawn to the Light, not as a moth to flame, but as a thirsty soul to water. The Light gave me life and purpose. The Light is the air I breathe, the ground I walk on, the food I eat. Without the Light, my life would be more than darkness. I would be empty.
— from the biography of Reflect Rendel

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